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Why study Martin Luther’s texts?

Because: They are powerful

It is this power of relevant topics combined with a highly accessible writing style that makes ‘studying Luther in his own words’ so special. Try it – and you will experience Scripture, your faith and your belief from a whole new perspective: Luther’s perspective!

Because: They are still highly relevant to today’s believers

In 2017 we commemorate the 500 year anniversary of the Protestant Reformation! After small beginnings in Wittenberg, the Lutheran branch of Christianity spans the globe.

Yet, people are still people, just like they were in the 1500s. The issues that are important to them may have changed their appearance – but in the end the issues of the soul that kept up believers in the Middle Ages are not much different than the ones concerning us today.

Because: Luther uses a different method

Many of the contemporary Bible Study formats pick a book from the Bible and then study that book. This is a good for what it can cover: The topics within that one book. Luther, by contrast, takes a different approach: His sermons and even more so his tracts (that is: texts, letters, essays) typically cover a subject, not just a single portion of the Bible. He then follows this subject across the entire Bible, understanding contributions from different spots, and cross-linking them into strong, consistent argument.

Because: Luther writes for the ‘common man’, not for theologians

Luther achieves all this with a remarkably fresh and accessible writing style. This is because when Luther writes in German, he is writing for his fellow citizens, neighbors – not experts in theology. Almost preempting more contemporary presentation styles, Luther often loosens up potentially tight passages with an anecdote or a practical example.
This may be unexpected for us today, but Luther wrote fully expecting the text to be consumed by common men without formal education for the most part, but eager to learn. It should therefore not surprise us, that today’s readers find Luther’s writings fresh and easy to read.

What to do from here?

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Do let us know how it went!

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